Aperture Photometry Tool (APT) Packages

The appropriate APT package must be for the target machine. The *.tar.gz package can be installed on all machines (but the *.zip package is more convenient for Windows machines), and is suitable for users running APT from a command window, but a slightly more complicated installation procedure must be followed in this case. Most users will want to install APT as a double-clickable application, however. In this case, the *.zip package for Windows machines or the *.dmg package for Macs should be downloaded.

Latest stable version 3.0.2 (runs under Java 1.8 or higher):

APT PackageMD5 Checksum
All machines (except get the *.zip package for Windows): APT_v3.0.2.tar.gzf46f4f5794a33d2c54654c431450792d
Windows machines: APT_v3.0.2.zipea5a761253011b20102433839605fc4e
Mac, regular-sized GUI: APT_v3.0.2.dmgdba5d24ef3b89abe540a659fa6d81045

Past version 2.8.4 that runs under Java 1.6 or higher, but does not have latest upgrades:

APT PackageMD5 Checksum
All machines (except get the *.zip package for Windows): APT_v2.8.4.tar.gz1d637b4ac9c1c115389d5b16845ed5de
Windows machines: APT_v2.8.4.zipc9891216b5b686f122782f42b0daf910
Mac, regular-sized GUI: APT_v2.8.4.dmg9140196244c2905a0a2c41fe9a5b86f1
Mac, compact-sized GUI: APT_v2.8.4.compact.dmgbc606f8b2b4c5c096c13c8e3e8928d4e

Special Java 1.6 JRE Package (not compatible with APT v. 3.0.2)

Legacy Java 1.6 for Mac OS X Catalina

This is an install package specially created for Legacy Java 1.6 under Mac OS X Catalina (only). It is compatible with older-version APT v. 2.8.4 only, but not later versions of APT.

MD5 checksum: b87f4bd8bb1544edbb0dc1e3891d8e4a

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