Aperture Photometry Tool (APT) Packages

The appropriate APT package should be chosen for the target machine. The *.tar.gz package can be installed on all machines (but the *.zip package is more convenient for Windows machines), and is suitable for users running APT from a command window, but a slightly more complicated installation procedure must be followed in this case. Most users will want to install APT as a double-clickable application, however. In this case, the *.zip package for Windows machines or the *.dmg package for Macs should be downloaded.

Latest stable version 3.0.7 (runs under Java 1.8.0_333 or higher):

APT PackageMD5 Checksum
All machines (except get the *.zip package for Windows): APT_v3.0.7.tar.gz9aca5e7bce8d1f959c6b79b8c308a132
Windows machines: APT_v3.0.7.zipd5287afac9aa5fcdd22df05bf3d4fc3e
Mac, regular-sized GUI: APT_v3.0.7.dmgf255a6c676eb0a910e876f21427a80de

Past version 2.8.4 that runs under Java 1.6 or higher, but does not have latest upgrades:

APT PackageMD5 Checksum
All machines (except get the *.zip package for Windows): APT_v2.8.4.tar.gz1d637b4ac9c1c115389d5b16845ed5de
Windows machines: APT_v2.8.4.zipc9891216b5b686f122782f42b0daf910
Mac, regular-sized GUI: APT_v2.8.4.dmg9140196244c2905a0a2c41fe9a5b86f1
Mac, compact-sized GUI: APT_v2.8.4.compact.dmgbc606f8b2b4c5c096c13c8e3e8928d4e

Note: Past version 2.8.4 will no longer be available from this website after December 31, 2022.

Special Java 1.6 JRE Package (not compatible with APT v. 3.0.2)

Legacy Java 1.6 for Mac OS X Catalina

This is an install package specially created for Legacy Java 1.6 under Mac OS X Catalina (only). It is compatible with older-version APT v. 2.8.4 only, but not later versions of APT.

MD5 checksum: b87f4bd8bb1544edbb0dc1e3891d8e4a

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